IRLP Remote Admin Users

Add New User to IRLP Remote Admin AS ROOT: 1.) create user:   htpasswd /etc/htpasswd.irlp [username] 2.) add user to .htaccess file   

Get Parent Folder ID for a folder

Here is a way to find the parent folder id of a particular folder. Ektron.Cms.API.Folder folder = new Ektron.Cms.API.Folder(); Ektron.Cms.FolderData fd = folder.GetFolder(73);//Pass Folder ID long parentFolderID = fd.ParentId; // Get parent folderID string FolderPath = folder.GetPath(73); //Get Full   

Use of XML Linq Returning One Result

Here is a simple script to allow you to return one item using XML and Linq. I am fairly new to LINQ and this one took me a few minutes to discover that I could use the List and Creation of a class to get the results rather than using a loop of some sorts. public void LoadXML() { //Load XML XDocument xdoc =